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SPARKLE AND SPURS - - Its a country thing. It's a rancher's daughter who has horses as best friends and dogs as companions. It's a woman who marries a man that fences everything in but her heart. It's a baby girl that grows up each day looking more like the rancher's daughter. It's a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind or paint every room in the house red. It's a woman that gets bucked off but always comes back tough. It's a woman that has a lil bit of Alice in Wonderland runnin' wild in her mind. It's a woman that kicks superman's ass. It's a bit of sparkle. It's a lot of spur. It's a country thing!

TRICIA -Hey! I'm a born and bred rancher's daughter from New Mexico still living the rancher's dream but having to work at an office with my husband the rest of the time. I'm more at home in blue jeans and boots, a tomboy not afraid to throw in some sparkle with my spurs. I've been married to my better half for over 1/2 my life, and have a daughter, a nephew and two step kids who are all the light of my life. I'm very independent and hate to ask for help! Don't ever tell me I can't do something - I will show you! I love to create - I see things that need done, not what I've done! My daughter says she'd hate to live in my head - it's like living with Alice in Wonderland! My jewelry isn't for the faint of heart - it's loud, it's funky,it's colorful, and it sparkles!

JESSICA - Hi! I'm the rancher's granddaughter, daddy's lil girl and the one that thankfully looks and acts more like her mama every day. I'm a coach, a teacher, and a football coach's wife that will always call the saddle home.I'm the rope that lassos my mom's crazy ideas, but most of the time, she just wrestles out of that goat tie! I am very stubborn & independent - I have my own tools & don't like to ask for help. From the volleyball court to the classroom, and back to the ranch, I always have to have some sparkle with my spurs!

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